Sony alpha 6000

Ekkart Kleinod  • 

Shooting Menu 1

Setting Value
Image Size L: 24 M
Aspect Ratio 3:2
Panorama Size Wide
Panorama Direction Down
Movie File Format MP4

Shooting Menu 2

Setting Value
Movie Record Setting 1440x1080 12 M
Drive Mode Single Shooting
Flash Mode Fill-Flash
Flash Comp 0.0
Red Eye Reduction Off
Focus Mode Single-Shot AF

Shooting Menu 3

Setting Value
Focus Area Flexible Spot
AF Illuminator Off
AF Drive Speed Normal
AF Track Duration Normal
Exposure Comp 0.0
Exposure Step 0.3EV

Shooting Menu 4

Setting Value
Metering Mode Center
White Balance Auto
DRO / Auto HDR D-Range Opt.
Creative Style Vivid
Picture Effect Off

Shooting Menu 5

Setting Value
Focus Magnifier
Long Exposure NR Off
High ISO NR Normal
Lock-on AF Off
Smile / Face Detect. Off

Shooting Menu 6

Setting Value
Soft Skin Effect Off
Auto Obj. Framing Off
Scene Selection
Movie Program Auto
SteadyShot On
Color Space sRGB

Shooting Menu 7

Setting Value
Auto Slow Shut. On
Audio Recording On
Wind Noise Reduct. Off
Shooting Tip List
Memory recall

Wheel 1

Setting Value
Zebra Off
MF Assist On
Focus Magnif. Time 5 Sec
Grid Line Rule of 3rds Grid
Auto Review Off
DISP Button → Monitor Graphic Display, Display All Info., No Disp. Info, For viewfinder
DISP Button → Finder No Disp. Info, Histogram

Wheel 2

Setting Value
Peaking Level Off
Peaking Color White
Exposure Set. Guide On
Live View Display Setting Effect ON
Disp. cont. AF area On

Wheel 3

Setting Value
Pre-AF On
Zoom Setting Optical zoom only
Eye-Start AF Off
Release w/o Lens Disable
AF w/ shutter On

Wheel 4

Setting Value
AEL w/ shutter Auto
e-Front Curtain Shutter On
S. Auto Img. Extract. Auto
Exp.comp.set Ambient&flash
Bracket order -→0→+

Wheel 5

Setting Value
Face Registration no
AF Micro Adj → Set Off
AF Micro Adj → amount
AF Micro Adj → Clear
Lens Comp. → Shading Comp. Auto
Lens Comp. → Chro. Aber. Comp. Auto
Lens Comp. → Distortion Comp. Auto

Wheel 6

Setting Value
Function Menu Set. → Function Upper1 Drive Mode
Function Menu Set. → Function Upper2 Flash Mode
Function Menu Set. → Function Upper3 Flash Comp.
Function Menu Set. → Function Upper4 Focus Mode
Function Menu Set. → Function Upper5 Focus Area
Function Menu Set. → Function Upper6 Exposure Comp.
Function Menu Set. → Function Lower1 ISO
Function Menu Set. → Function Lower2 Metering Mode
Function Menu Set. → Function Lower3 White Balance
Function Menu Set. → Function Lower4 DRO/Auto HDR
Function Menu Set. → Function Lower5 Creative Style
Function Menu Set. → Function Lower6 Shoot Mode
Custom Key Settings → AEL Button AF hold
Custom Key Settings → Custom Button 1 Creative Style
Custom Key Settings → Custom Button 2 Picture Effect
Custom Key Settings → Center Button Standard
Custom Key Settings → Left Button Drive Mode
Custom Key Settings → Right Button ISO
Custom Key Settings → Down Button Exposure Comp.
Dial/Wheel Setup SS, F/no.
Dial/Wheel Ev Comp Dial
MOVIE Button Always
Dial / Wheel Lock Unlock

Connection 1 and 2

not used so far


not used so far

Playback 1

Setting Value
Delete — (function, not setting)
View Mode — (function, not setting)
Image Index — (function, not setting)
Display Rotation Manual
Slide Show — (function, not setting)
Rotate — (function, not setting)

Playback 2

Setting Value
Enlarge Image — (function, not setting)
4K Still Image PB — (function, not setting)
Protect — (function, not setting)
Specify Printing — (function, not setting)

Setup 1

Setting Value
Monitor Brightness Manual
Viewfinder Brightness Auto
Finder Color Temp. 0
Volume Settings 7
Audio signals Off

Setup 2

Setting Value
Tile Menu Off
Mode Dial Guide Off
Delete confirm "Cancel" first
Pwr Save Start Time 1 Min
PAL/NTSC Selector — (function, not setting)

Setup 3

Setting Value
Cleaning Mode — (function, not setting)
Demo Mode Off
Remote Ctrl Off
HDMI Resolution Auto
HDMI Info. Display On

Setup 4

Setting Value
USB Connection Mass Storage
USB LUN Setting Multi
Language English
Date/Time Setup current
Area Setting current

Setup 5

Setting Value
Format — (function, not setting)
File Number Series
Select REC Folder — (function, not setting)
New Folder — (function, not setting)
Folder Name Date Form
Recover Image DB — (function, not setting)

Setup 6

Setting Value
Display Media Info. — (function, not setting)
Version — (function, not setting)
Setting reset — (function, not setting)